I'm Harry. A Digital Marketing Freelancer based in Bournemouth.

Hi! I’m Harry! You can find a little more about me on the about page but just to give you a quick intro. I am a Digital Marketing working with a variety of agencies and other clients producing great, consistent results.

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SEO was the first form of digital marketing I became acquainted with back in 2014. Since then I have expanded my skillset in both technical and non-technical SEO.

Technical SEO

Having taught myself HTML, CSS and a little of PHP and Javascript I am pretty savvy at working my way around a website (especially one on WordPress). I have fixed numerous rendering and crawling issues and streamline all websites I lay my hands on to load faster and more efficiently for users. 

Link Building
I find the more creative you can get, the easier you’ll find building links back to your desired website. Manual outreach tends to be expensive and sometimes yield very minimal results. Therefore, I’ve developed numerous, organic and white-hat link building strategies that I’d be happy to share with you. Just drop me a call!
Content and Keyword Strategy
I have a subscription with SEMRush and am experienced with numerous other SEO Tools. Therefore, I can put together in-depth content and keyword strategies for you, or your clients. Additionally, I can, of course, implement these strategies and work together to help you or your clients reach their goals.
Campaign Management
I’ve realised that I am a numbers guy. For me, campaign management and general changes are determined on how to make numbers, and more importantly, returns, add up and increase. This includes determining Max-CPC and breakeven Conversion Rates to ensure that campaigns are performing within profitable parameters, and trialling and split-testing numerous methods to improve campaigns within these profitable parameters.
Landing Pages

I use encourage that all Ads point to dedicated landing pages. I find these to be so necessary that I tend to not work with campaigns that don’t point to their own landing page. I personally use a service called Instapage to build landing pages but have used Unbounce and even constructed landing pages from scratch using good ol’ fashioned HTML. If you’re using me to manage PPC Campaigns, then I charge a very discounted rate for Landing Pages as I believe them to be so necessary. 


Tracking is so important in PPC that I have become very acquainted with various different types of tracking. I regularly use UTM parameters in campaigns, and am skilled with GTM to deploy different forms of call and conversion tracking. I have also set up dynamic transaction value tracking to automate ROAS figures based on e-commerce sales .

Pay Per Click (PPC)

I currently manage a total PPC advertising spend of approximately £70,000 – £90,000 per month. Spread between Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads). I have personally developed very in-depth tools and strategies that have proven to increase ROAS for all of my clients.

Social Media

I’ve worked with Facebook Advertising for years now and over the past couple of years have worked with LinkedIn and Instagram Ads, with some outstanding conversion rates.

Organic Growth

I find organic growth stems from great content. Personally, creating some great looking content is not my area of expertise, I’m more of a technical wizard than a creative inventor. For this reason, I surround myself with a great team that can fill in the creative blanks in my skill set. They’re experts at creating and sharing content for our clients that lead to fast organic growth on their social profiles. 


I have plenty of experience with putting together a range of social media advertising campaigns that produce fast ROI. I have personally ran campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and am currently running a project on YouTube, which is a newer platform to advertise on for me. 

Content CReation

Content creation is so important to get results from Social Media. I personally am not the creative type as I am more comfortable with numbers, graphs and spreadsheets; this is why I surround myself with a team of the best creative geniuses I could get my hands on. 

They regularly create great content for our clients that achieve fantastic results on Social Media. 


Google Tag Manager

I almost always deploy tracking via Google Tag Manager. I find it is the easiest way to set up tracking, but more importantly, it is the easiest way to edit tracking moving forwards. I have conducted numerous different tracking projects using GTM from creating cookies to attach to a user’s browsers on certain pages (allowing for filtering of those cookies from Analytics) to scroll depth tracking to be triggered on certain page scroll depths. 

Google Analytics

Of course, I am skilled in the industry standard of Analytical tracking. I usually deploy Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager and have a lot of experience with setting up certain GA filters, goal tracking and have even imported GA Goals as conversions into Google Ads.

Google Data Studio

Setting up readable reports of data is as important as tracking the data to begin with. I have a lot of experience setting up custom reports in Google Data Studio to link with numerous data sources, including Salesforce.  

Additionally I have set up many blended data fields as well as filters within Data Studio to ensure that we capture the useful data and remove any ‘fluff’.  


Most Marketing Agencies hire me on a retainer basis to fill knowledge gaps in their team. A lot of these gaps seem to be based around setting up proper tracking for their campaigns. 


Hello! I’m Harry. 

Although there’s a lot about me on this page, since having started out on my own I wanted to make sure that all of my client’s needs were met. For this reason, I have built a team around me to offer virtually all digital marketing services possible. You’ll only ever deal with me, but will have access to a collection of brains with different strengths and talents.


  • SEO
  • PPC (Google and Microsoft Ads)
  • Social Media
  • Web Design
  • Video Editing


  • Google Accredited
  • Started First Business in 2013
  • In a Marketing Role since 2014


  • Deals with over £70,000 per month advertising budget.
  • 100% happy clients and taking on new ones fast.
  • Grown from lone-wolf to an employed team of 6 within 5 months.

My website online presence had slipped dramatically over the last few months, so I was looking for someone to rescue things and get the site back to a healthy position as quickly as possible.
I was recommended to get in touch with Harry to see if he could help.
Firstly, he’s a very nice guy, is very good at explaining what he’s doing and why, and most importantly he knows his stuff – which is why, a month or so down the road I’m seeing great results with where my website is appearing already.
It’s a weight off my mind knowing that the site is in safe hands and with Harry’s ongoing work, I will continue to see the results I need in order to be able to just concentrate on running the business.
I have no hesitation in recommending Harry to anyone who needs help in this complicated world of digital marketing.

Cate Jordan


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