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Frequently Asked Question

What are your rates?

At the moment I don’t take on clients with budgets less than £500 per month (or per project). 

I am looking to grow my team to accommodate clients with budgets between £100-£499 per month in the future, but nothing is in place at the moment.


Can you travel?

Absolutely, if you would like me to work a day or two from your office then we can arrange this. Alternatively, I can pop by for a meeting every now and again and we can have as many calls, video chats or emails as you require. 

Can I see examples of your Work?

There’s a few bits and bobs on this website, and a whole load more in the pipeline. If you’re wanting a specific example of my experience in a project you have in mind that you can’t find here, feel free to pop me an email or a call and I’ll let you know what sort of experience I have with that type of work. 

Can I pay you hourly?

My usual method of quoting is on a job-by-job basis. This way you know exactly what you expect to be completed on a monthly basis for your money. If you would rather we bill on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, I can accommodate!

How do you take payment?

With my retainer clients, I take payment via direct debit. This way we can adjust payments if a client would like a little more, or a bit less work each month. 

For my one-off clients, I take payment up front if the project is less than £1000. 


Are you happy to collaborate with others?
I’m more than happy to collaborate with others in projects. I do have a team around me that strength’s lay more in the creative side of marketing so I can offer a rounded digital marketing service, but you’re more than welcome to use whomever you feel is the best fit for your project.
Will you work from my office?
Within reason, I can come and work from your office for a day or two. This will have to be arranged in advance and is dependant on distance, timings and how much business we are dealing with. Please understand, that I am not obligated to do so as my availability dwindles for other clients when I am not in my own office.
Where are you based?

I am based down in ‘Sunny’ Bournemouth, my office is based in Poole. I regularly visit clients (and occasionally Google’s head office) in London and have a car so am able to travel. 

When do you take payment?

For my retainer clients, I usually take payment at the beginning of the month. For my one-off clients, I take payment as and when depending on when the project is due to begin. 

Do you have a CV?

I can provide a CV if you need me to, but truthfully, I never really use CV’s, I’m not asking for a job. Feel free to get in touch and test my knowledge over the phone or email, but please understand that I am too focussed on my existing clients to spend time putting together a CV from scratch. 

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