Sure Fire Group

Private Funding with hands on Digital Marketing support and business growth opportunities. 

Digital Marketing & Business Development

Digital Marketing

Professional in-house digital marketing services provided by our very own team with experience in a range of digital marketing avenues. 

Business Development

Developing businesses services and products and fitting them into a growing infrastructure within the Sure Fire portfolio. 

System Development

Developing systems where needed to accelerate business growth and operations accuracy. 

Financial Systems Investment

Financial Software Development

With current investment in softwares to assist with corporate investment portfolio growth. 

Retail Trading Opportunities

Allowing retail traders to grow portfolios in a safe manner in a very unsafe market. 

Payment Management Allocation

Flexible, accurate and secure payment management systems easing transactional processes across international territories.

Private Equity

Private Funding

Current investment opportunities to gain accelerated business growth, especially when coupled with our digital marketing resources and system development. 

Local Businesses

Heavy focus in acceleration of local businesses within communities with large scale marketing plans to expand outwards. 

Sure Fire Partners

With a portfolio that compliments each business and a digital marketing team to provide clear direction on development plans. 

HAD Digital

Built by our own hands

HAD Digital was founded by the CEO, Harry Hawkins in 2019. Starting out as a lone freelancer before expanding a team in 2022 and officially starting HAD Digital with his business partner Adam Donovan. 

Digital Marketing Experts

HAD Digital is a unique company that works in a Freelance capacity for a range of top marketing agencies, with main client’s in the USA and UK. 

Web design & development experts

Creating stunning websites with a purpose, as well as systems that can streamline sales processes and marketing automation to acquire additional leads. 


Modern Investing

Investing but with a modern day twist. Diversified portfolios not just within public equity markets but investment within crypto markets, financial markets, real estate and private equity deals with personal relationships with all clients. 

Financial Software Development

Working on a range of software within markets to help achieve a variety of business and consumer goals. 

Corporate Investing

Working with corporate entities to grow portfolios or help develop existing systems and fund management. 

New Age Investing

Sure Fire Group LTD

Private Funding with hands on Digital Marketing support and business growth opportunities.

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